Quirk CDJR Service Center

Come to the Quirk CDJR Dorchester service center in Boston, MA and you will immediately understand why so many drivers in the greater Boston area trust us with their regularly scheduled maintenance, repairs, and services. We selectively choose all of the technicians that join our team of certified mechanics. Knowledge and a enthusiasm for our brands are two things all our technicians share.


Oil changes play one of the most important roles in your vehicles maintenance routine. Even though your engine is air tight some dirt and dust particles can still find their way in. Changeing your oil at the recommended intervals will help remove this from your system and prevent build up that could eventually lead to a clog or other serious engine problems. To Learn More About Oil Changes Click Here

Well balanced and properly aligned tires can help you get the most out of every drop of gasoline you put in your tank. Make sure to have your tires rotated at least every other oil change to encourage even wear and tear. If you notice your vehicle is pulling to the left or right while you accelerate or brake, bring it to us. We can help correct the issue before it becomes a costly problem. To Learn More About These Services Click Here

Have you noticed a squeaking or grinding noise when you are coming to a stop? Or maybe you feel a pulsation in your brakes when you try to slow down on the highway. These are typical signs that your brake pads and/or rotors need to be replaced. This is part of every vehicle’s maintenance. Whether you have covered a certain distance or gone an extended period of time without replacing these items, there is a standard for both situations that dictates when brakes components should be replaced.

Once you start to notice either of the two signs above starting to occure, you don’t want to wait to long before getting the problems addressed. You could seize your brake calipers or get a leaky brake line. If you have questions about what could be going on with your brakes, please give us a call at the number above. If it is a more serious issue, please book an appointment online or come in at your convenience. To Learn More About Brake Services Click Here

You don’t want to get stuck with a dead battery when you are out of town on a weekend get away OR when you are traveling for work. Your battery is what creates the spark that will turn your engine on. It is also what powers your vehicle’s power options when it the engine is not running. If you have noticed dimming headlights or slow cranking from a cold start those are two of the more obvious signs that your battery is in need of replacement.

Much like your vehicle’s oil, dirt and dust can find its way into your vehicles fluids. There is a total of 7 different types of fluid that are used to keep your vehicle running – they should all be monitored and changed regularly. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will tell you the proper intervals. Just like your oil, if you go to long without changing these – a build up of particles can form and eventually clog the system, resulting in a much more expensive repair bill. To Learn More About Brake Services Click Here